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Epic Fail Videos, Highly Viral, Videos Added Daily, Free Mobile Version: + a beautifule fanpage
Epic Fail Videos, Highly Viral, Videos Added Daily, Free Mobile Version: + a beautifule fanpage
Bid Price: $ 50.00
BIN Price: $ 177.00
Company Name: EpicFailTV.com
Website: http://www.EpicFailTV.com
Listed: Sep 10, 2012
Listing Description



How would you like to own your very own auto-updating video site that is EASY to monetize in several locations with ads of your choice?


EpicFailTV.com has thousands of videos pre-loaded based on the following funny video types such as:

·        Accidents

·        Animals

·        At School

·        Attempts

·        Backflip

·        Bloopers

·        Bike

·        Boxing

·        Basketball

·        Compilation

·        Cats

·        Dunks

·        Dancers

·        Dances

·        Dives

·        Dogs

·        Epic

·        Flips

·        Football

·        Falls

·        Gymnastics

·        Goals

·        Jumps

·        Kids

·        Karate

·        Motorcycle

·        NBA

·        News

·        Pranks

·        Robbery

·        Reporter

·        Rap

·        Signs

·        Stunts

·        Singers

·        Soccer

·        Skateboarding

·        Shuffling

·        Tattoos

·        Trampoline

·        Treadmill

·        TV

·        Wipeouts

·        WWE

·        Women

·        Workout


Worried About Getting Traffic? That Part Has Been Taken Care of for You!


This site comes complete with an auto Twitter feed. Your Twitter feed will be automatically updated FOREVER as new videos are added. Each tweet includes a link back to your video site so that Twitter users can watch the video. You will never have to touch Twitter!


Getting Twitter Followers will be a Piece of Cake


As you continue to send more tweets, other Twitter users will find your tweets and will decide to follow you. They will receive up-to-date funny fail videos each and every day. Once they watch a few videos on your site, they will continue to return.

How Does the Site Work?


This site has a unique script that goes out and retrieves videos based on the keywords that you input.


Add Your Own Videos Anytime


Adding new keywords and videos is a snap! Simply fire up the control panel, add your keywords, click save and your videos are added to your site instantly! That's right, instantly!


How Do You Make Money?


Take a close look at the site and notice all of the high click-through ad placement locations. You can put up any type of advertisement you wish using the easy-to-use control panel. Your ads can be any of the following:

·        Google Adsense

·        CPA offers

·        Amazon.com physical products

·        eBay products

·        Commission Junction offers

·        Opt-in email boxes to build your list

·        And any other type of banner or text ad



How Do You Get Traffic?


As each video gets added to your site, it gets indexed in Google which will ultimately bring you more traffic than you could ever imagine. This website will be TOO easy to use.



What You Will Receive


·        Domain transfer of the keyword rich domain

·        Complete website with epic fails videos already pre-loaded and indexed in Google

·        Premium script that downloads new videos on a regular basis ($89 value)

·        Custom-designed template and logo

·        Free site and database transfer to your hosting



Advantages of Buying this Website


·        Beautiful layout that will attract all visitors

·        Site runs nice and fast despite the number of loaded videos

·        Multiple monetization areas to make money

·        Google loves the script that the site uses (Prismotube)

·        The site easily attracts users who are looking for these very videos

·        The site is compliant with both Google and YouTube

·        Generate 100s or 1000s of videos by simply entering keywords

·        Videos update daily without user intervention

·        Easy to manage via a sophisticated control panel


This video site is ready to go with a epic fails auto-Twitter feed that will tweet links to your videos ALL DAY LONG bringing you traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This video site is ready to go with a epic fails auto-Twitter feed that will tweet links to your videos ALL DAY LONG bringing you traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Free Internet Marketing Resource Bonuses


·        Cutting Edge Keyword Research – If you choose to create a blog about your brand new website, this document will show you step-by-step how to find the best keywords for your blog entries.

·        Explosive Backlinks - Backlinks also count as votes for your website, and the more votes you have, the higher ranking you’ll receive. This guide will walk you through getting backlinks from authority blogs, blogging, directories and social media.

·        Forum Marketing Overdrive– Forum marketing may seem like an easy way to market your products, but it’s actually a bit more complicated when you take a look at what you have to do to do it successfully. This guide will teach you the most important aspects.

·        Free Automated Backlinking Tools – Valuable information on a site where you can submit your website to 2500+ places for free. Also contains information on where to get FREE social bookmarks.

·        Getting Videos Highly Ranked on YouTube – Have you noticed those video thumbnails when searching for something in Google? Do they grab your attention? Do you click on them? If you create videos about your new website, this document will show you exactly how to get your videos ranked high in Google to increase your traffic.

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·        Lazy Traffic Blueprints– A terrific guide on how to use Twitter, mini-articles, classified ads, press releases, Facebook users and pay-per-view advertising to get visitors to your site.

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·        Twitter Wonder Tactics– Learn how to use Twitter to build a following and drive traffic to your site

·        Using Feeder Sites– Feeder sites are remotely hosted websites, housed by third party service providers who offer a place for people to create webpages, develop blogs, and share their article content. The two biggest feeder sites are HubPages and Squidoo. Learn how to use feeder sites to get instant traffic to your site.


the floor price for this site is :$50

and BIN price or buy it now price should be  :$177


interested people contact on kezi2cool@gmail.com  also you can reply here


or contact me via skype id :kezi2cool




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