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About Us

Welcome to our online auction website!

Win Your Domain Auction site enables users to register for an account for the purposes of selling products through online auctions, or purchasing the products for sale that are available from the online auctions.

Our sellers can sell their products in the following ways:

1.Create a bidding auction. Bidding auctions require that buyers bid on the product for sale. When the pre-selected bidding period expires the highest bidder is entitled to purchase the item.

2.Add a reserve to a bidding auction. A reserve ensures that a minimum sale price is reached before an item is sold.

3.Create a "buy it now" auction. A "buy it now" auction applies an immediate "for sale" price to an auction so that a buyer can purchase an item without going through a bidding process.

4.Create a personal store. A personal store is a collection of all of the products that are for sale from one seller. When a seller creates a personal store they can create their own personal store categories, add their own logo and text to their personal store, and list both their "bidding" and "buy it now" auctions.

Additionally, sellers can enhance the attractiveness of their auctions with the the following auction listing features:

  1. Add images of the product for sale - No Additional Charge!
  2. Display the number of the item available for sale - No Additional Charge!
  3. Feature your auction at the top of the category!
  4. Purchase attention getter graphics!
  5. List your auction for up to 14 days!
  6. Purchase a bold headline for your listing!
  7. List a variety of payment and shipping methods! - No Additional Charge!
  8. Format the text description of your listing and control numerous aspects of text and images! - No Additional Charge!

Registered users can also add auctions to a watch list to keep track of their favorite auctions, review their bidding history, review their selling history, make contact with sellers, rate sellers and comment on the auctions they've won, and much more